George Veletsianos Audiocast

In his 2021 audiocast addressing questions from the MALAT program cohort, George Veletsianos offered some valuable advice on conducting literature reviews. The tips offered in the audiocast break up a seemingly daunting task into a manageable process.

Veletsianos addresses the first step of the process, starting narrowly with the research question and slowly broadening the scope of research from there. I found this especially useful as it gives a starting point to the literature review, allowing it to build organically. This point also confirms what we studied earlier in this course (LRNT 522) the importance of developing a ‘good’ research question.

The second piece of advice I found helpful was Veletsianos suggestion to reframe the term ‘literature review’ to ‘a review of the relevant literature’. For me, this takes away the overwhelming feeling that the researcher must include any and all literature about the topic. Given this advice, I feel more confident and even a little excited about taking on a literature review as part of my research journey.


Veletsianos, G. (2021, August 11). Personal interview.  [Personal interview]

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