Visual Network Map

My visual network map displays a snapshot of my Facebook and LinkedIn connections. My map identifies personal versus professional connections. These platforms both use very similar profile tools, sharing tools, notification tools, and referral tools however, they were designed to serve two different purposes. Even with a loosely structured format, characteristic of networks (Dron & Anderson, 2014), they have maintained respective purposes. LinkedIn is primarily used to connect professionally and Facebook to connect personally.

On the map, I situated my node closer to the personal connections where I have a more resident versus visitor presence (White 2013). My LinkedIn profile is more visitor versus residence presence however, that could change if I were looking for career opportunities or promoting my professional presence.

My professional and personal networks can be valuable resources and are worth investing in. Participating in networks with an array of individuals who possess diverse skills and interests will help me learn and grow personally and professionally (Dron & Anderson, 2014). This activity has inspired me to circle back to my digital identity and digital presence plan and get to work on cultivating my presence in these networks.


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