Visually Mapping my Networks

When I started mapping my visual network, I thought the result would be a linear, pod like cluster of communication networks. However, once I started making the connections, I realized that my networks intersect often, among the various ‘circles’ in my life.

You can view this image in full here.

I thought that my visually networked map would be clean, easy to follow, and demonstrate how successfully I keep all of the facets of my life separate, and oh, was I wrong. Through the mapping process, I have realized how intertwined my networks are. I share my school learnings with my colleagues, friends, and family. I share my personal life with my friends, family and work, and I share learnings from my work with the same circle. Interestingly enough, the only single communication platform and network that is isolated and used for a sole purpose, is ClassDojo, a communication tool between teachers and parents (Can you say COVID education?).

My map is unintentionally messy, but intentionally unedited – because it represents how messy my networks are.

2 thoughts on “Visually Mapping my Networks”

  1. Hi Paula, I like how you identified how messy your map is, mine as well. I’m not sure why I was surprised by this but I was. Looking at yours I can see that this “messiness” probably helps to extend networks rather than keeping them isolated to one group. Do you find your networks overlapped with certain people or environments the most?

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for your comment!

      Yes ,i definitely find that almost all of my networks overlap in one or two areas/plaftorms. Which makes me ponder, does that make my network actually smaller than it appears, or larger? If the same people/groups/organizations exist in multiple areas/environments, then perhaps I just have a small, interconnected network.

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