Unit 2 Reflections and a statement on Dave Cormier’s Alternate Tension Pair.

Which of my Digital Practices are truly Digital?

Unit two readings and activities have forced me to truly look at how I engage WITH the internet, AND, how I engage ON the internet. I am very quickly realizing that these are two different behaviors. My completed mapping activity showed a different picture of my digital engagement than I had anticipated when I started. What I discovered is that while I engage WITH the internet in many different arenas, I only contribute (or engage ON the internet) in a handful of areas.

Dave Cormier’s mapping activity, or tension pair approach, caused me to look deeper, through a different lens. Cormier asks the question “is email really a digital practice” (Cormier, 2018), or is it simply a vehicle for a more analogue activity (sending messages back and forth)? In an age where I often assume that everything is digital, it was an interesting approach to broadening my ‘digital’ resident/visitor perspective.


Cormier, D. (2018, March). Digital practices mapping: Intro activity for digital literacies course, Accessed on May 05 from: http://davecormier.com/edblog/2018/03/31/digital-practices-mapping-intro-activity-for-digital-literacies-course/

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