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Gartner’s hype cycle (2016) provides a view of how a technology or application will evolve to help organizations “Separate hype from the real drivers of a technology’s commercial promise, reduce the risk of your technology investment decisions, Compare your understanding of a technology’s business value with the objectivity of experienced IT analysts” (para.4).  According to Gartner (2016), the hype cycle consists of five key phases of a technology’s life cycle (1) Innovation Trigger (2) Peak of Inflated Expectations (3) Trough of Disillusionment (4) Slope of Enlightenment (5) Plateau of Productivity. Gartner’s hype cycle is not only applicable to business organizations, but it can also be applied to higher educational institutions.

Royal Roads University (RRU) offers students the opportunity to engage regularly, collaborate, share, create and contribute to the learning experience through the use of Open Educational Resources (OERs), i.e. students’ blogs (Royal Roads University, n.d.). Do students think Gartner’s Hype Cycle (2016) is applicable to RRU blogs and students’ experience using RRU blogs?

Drawing from my experience as a Master of Arts in Learning and Technology (MALAT) student, I believe that Garter’s Hype Cycle (2016) can be applied. As an inexperienced blogger, technology (blog) was not the trigger, but it enabled me to share my learning experience with my cohort. Through writing, experimenting, and learning about writing blogs, I was able to evolve my blogging experience. The first blog posts generated my interest and increased the number of readers. Also, the critique and feedback I have received from my instructors and cohort members helped improve my blogging skills. As a result, I started reaching the Peak of inflated expectations phase. However, I had also reached the trough of disillusionment phase when my blog posts did not receive any comment. Currently, I believe I am at the beginning of the Slope of enlightenment phase where I am enjoying writing, I have readers, but I am working on my writing fluency. I aim to reach the plateau of productivity phase and have a presence in the blogosphere where I can become a mature and experienced blogger. Do you think Gartner’s Hype Cycle is also applicable to your (RRU) blogging experience?


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