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Innovation & Business Strategy

In 524 – Innovation, Design and Learning Environments, we shed the light on innovation. As I think of the question: “What is innovation?”, one of the definitions, shared by our instructor in a collaborate session for our cohort, which resonated with me the most was “Innovation is the application of ideas that are novel and useful. Creativity, the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, is the seed of innovation but unless it’s applied and scaled it’s just an idea.” (Carter, 2019, 32:24). 

How can we apply and scale change?

Working in the hospitality industry has introduced me to several changes, i.e. the work policies, procedures, software updates, quality standards, etc. Speaking from experience, I have learned that innovation initiatives should be aligned with the business strategy. Without a strategy, innovation initiatives may become best practices. Therefore, organizations should clarify objectives and priorities, and help focus on innovation efforts around them. Dron (2014) asserted that for a change to be successfully applied, resources such as time, and tools should be provided. If resources are accounted for in the business strategy, chances are that the implantation of innovation will be more successful. Dron also points out that “In an organizational context, this [innovation] is about building processes and organizational forms that provide space for innovation to occur.” (Dron, 2014, p.252). Building processes and organizational forms can be a consequent of a business strategy application.

Have you had an experience where you have included innovation initiatives in your business strategy?


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