Who Can It Be Now (part 2)

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Further to Dave Cormier’s alternate tension pairs, I think that a lot of my tools would fit better in his model. As much as I use digital tools a lot because I travel (yay for e-books!), I do prefer to hold a real book in my hands and to use a real highlighter on real paper. I still use a paper journal to record random thoughts and diary entries for personal appointments and such. There’s something to be said about paper not being “hackable” like cloud-based tools. Paper-based tools feel safer, provided I don’t lose them! Analogue/collaborative tools are tough to use these days, but have been incredibly useful in my past work as a classroom facilitator. Sticky notes that a group uses to investigate an incident or brainstorm audit findings are invaluable. I hope there remains a place for them in future.┬áThere’s a lot to be said for his alternate proposal.

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