Who Can It Be Now?

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Visitor or resident? As the French say, ça dépend…

Depends on the time of day, the day of the week, and the hat I’m wearing. If it’s a weekday morning, I’m at work, and I have enough coffee in me, I’m on that blue/pink Resident/Institutional side where I’m creating using those Microsoft tools we’re tied to at work. If it’s the evening, it’s the other diagonal at Personal/Visitor in green and purple where I’m using more Apple product and connecting with friends and family, consuming news, books, school updates, and language learning resources, rather than producing.

At least that’s how the past couple of years have gone. If I go further back, my workday is producing. My evenings are producing AND consuming. Looking at this graphic, I realize how much I’ve been on autopilot and consuming, rather than consuming, THEN PRODUCING. I’m looking forward to shifting this and expect to redo this in a year or so and see what’s changed. For me, this was a good exercise to more consciously do something with what I’m consuming, rather than just let it marinate in my brain. I was also surprised to see that my Personal-Institutional divide was so starkly divided by technology hardware brand. I’d like to look into that more.


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  1. Hi Corie,

    Thank you for sharing your visitor and resident map. I appreciate how your map looks different than the other maps that have been posted and is very specific to you. I couldn’t agree more with your statement about our technology usage changing with the hats we wear.I resonate with being a consumer instead of a producer. I wonder what platform you are going to use to expand your digital presence as a producer? Do you plan on becoming a producer for all the hats you wear? If not which ones?

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. I love the artistic simplicity of your visitor and resident map! Very original! I also like how you split Apple and MS use depending on work or personal use. I cannot agree more regarding your coffee comment! What is Edmodo? – Stephanie

      1. Thanks Stephanie! The Alliance Française here in Calgary uses Edmodo for tracking classes. It’s a bit like Google Classroom in that it’s a place to track and submit assignments and feed back grades. Last I heard, they’re talking about moving away from it, but I found it handy.

  2. Thanks for your comment London! As I was preparing this graphic, I realized that there were a few things I wasn’t super comfortable including, like banking and the relative size of each of these. I’ll be exploring this discomfort in our upcoming digital presence assignment.

    There are some other platforms that our fellow students have mentioned that I’ve never heard of, or haven’t thought to use to date. I’m looking forward to checking them out and seeing if they might be useful when wearing my producer “hat”. I think there will also be some “hats” that will be retired, too.

  3. Hi Corie,

    I love how clearly your map illustrates that certain, specific apps and tools are dedicated to specific roles. Mine was very much the same (although not nearly as pretty!) and it makes me wonder if we weren’t required to use some specific tools for specific roles, would we abandon them and use fewer? There is some appeal to that simplicity.

  4. Thanks for your comment Alisha. I do think you’re on to something there. There are a few tools on my typography that would definitely NOT be there if someone else hadn’t required that I use them. A lot of the Microsoft tools are in that category. I prefer the interfaces that Apple provides, for the most part, and would choose them if given the choice.

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