My Network Map

I used Kumu to draw my network map and started with the four main networks that I am a part of: Professional, Personal, Recreational, and Educational.

Then I started the simple task of drawing connections between these networks and myself. In error I placed the arrow end ending at myself indicating that there was a connection between the element and myself in a one-way fashion. (I had originally thought to place the arrows extending outwards from myself). Once seeing this however, I think this is more accurate. All these networks or elements are shared between many people and would extend further out to other people if we were to place our maps overlapping. I wanted to show what connected these elements to ME, rather than why I was connected to THEM. In other words, how do each of these elements connect to my life or identity, to me specifically.

Within each of the four key elements of my map I extended the map to include key factors in each area. Some are people, some places, and some tools that I use to keep that network active. Some networks such as Facebook have a circular relationship both with personal and recreational as I use it to sustain relationships as well as build new ones. Facebook for example also has a recreational component to it that is self perpetuating.  As far as my professional network is concerned, most of these elements are also connected to my educational networks, as this is where a lot of my professional and educational contacts overlap. My professional networks are also closely linked to my friends. I’m not sure if this is the case for all industries but I have found some of the closest friendships in my networks have been born from working relationships.

I thought my network map would be a bit cleaner, but I’ve noticed there is a lot of overlap between networks themselves, and often I am the reason these networks overlap so much. This had made me see how important my relationships to these networks are and how they sustain one another.

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  1. Emma,
    I am in agreement with your point about your professional network being closely linked to your friends. I am not sure if it due to that fact that going through our education program, we saw each other at our highest and our lowest. It was an intense 2 year program. Was this the case for you when doing your training/education program?

    1. HI Gail, yes very similar, the training for sure, and the work environment itself. Health care tends to be a dynamic place and you rely on your coworkers a lot. Also I find that a lot of my professional colleagues in my teaching jobs are also professional colleagues in my healthcare job (and therefore good friends!) so we overlap in more than one network. I find that creates a strong bond and relationship that’s based on mutual respect and trust

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