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Creating a map of my own use of digital technology was, dare I say, eye opening. I found I was forced to examine the apps, tools, and sites I use both frequently and infrequently.

This proved to be a very reflective experience as the only person I was accountable to was myself. I asked the question “why do I use these, and are they helping me?” I think of my map as a layered outline of how I approach these tools. The largest influence being Google. Google tends to be at the center of my technological use, for everything from “who is that guy in that movie?” to “how to site a blog using APA format.” I placed Google at the center of my map to show its foundation use throughout my personal and professional typology.

My other tools are layered on top of the foundation of google, Gmail for personal use, Outlook for professional email, and the more interesting one being YouTube. I have found an increasing use for YouTube relating to the “How To” videos. I feel that for myself, this has been a very effective and increasingly used tool for my own learning. YouTube has proved to be my most reliable source of open education, something I had not realized until it was right there staring at me.

I enjoyed Dave Cormier’s take on the analogue/digital and collaborative/individual map from his March 2018 blog post ( This seems to capture the use of resources much better than the individual use map we did in our mapping exercise.

Both would have their place, as I learned a lot about my own reasons for using digital tools in the mapping exercise. I can see a huge benefit for teams to do this exercise together. For example, imaging a group of instructors sitting down and analyzing how they share resources or interact with each other. Where can they improve? And what tools or information are they sharing well? Starting with an individual exercise to improve an understanding about oneself, and then using that to engage in a team exercise would be an interesting look at each team members role within that group. Maybe an exercise for the future MALAT?

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  1. Emma, thanks for sharing this great graphic. I love how you 3D mapped your platforms by layering them, as well as sizing them. I agree, Google searches are at the centre of my use and I don’t think I realized that until I read your post. My search history is pretty varied as well!

    What do you think would be the biggest difference in your typology graphic if you had used Dave Cormier’s model instead?

  2. Hi Emma! I think these maps take a great snapshot at our current technology use. If you were to do this exercise for last year and compare to present do think any specific trends would appear? I’ve personally experienced remote work has shifted all of my technologies toward the resident side. I recall you work as an EMT so do you foresee your technology use snapping back to their original position in the future as face to face options return? Your insight would be great! – Zac

  3. Hi Zac,
    That’s a great question! I also work with our clinical education department and it’s been a lot of “oh hold” for the last year and a half. Honestly I think as a profession we’re a bit behind in the use of online learning aids to start with, so I think we need to move ore forward than back. As far as myself, hopefully I come to a nice balance of confident use of these tools. I’m finding them more and more helpful!

  4. Hi Emma,

    Excellent snapshot with the overlapping, as it reflects the coverage into different regions.


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