Resident-Visitor typology map

     Mapping my digital presence was a great way to identify how many digital environments and networks I am a part of, it was also very interesting to see how many of those networks were inexistent to me a few years ago and how some others very quickly have moved from the Visitor quadrant to the Resident one and vice versa.

     In this new era of accelerated technological progress we introduce ourselves to others with the technology we use and sometimes we do it without us noticing. It doesn’t necessarily happen verbally but thru our behavior. We identify ourselves as Android or Apple users for example, or when working online we have a preferred browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Explorer or Mozilla among others. I am definitely an Android user and my favorite browser is Google Chrome, thus the use of its logo in the center of my map, I use it every day! The use of many programs and apps on my “personal upper half” are mostly for entertainment. I use WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends both locally and overseas. Spotify and Sirius XM have become the music suppliers at home and in our vehicles. Alexa is a fun imaginary assistant we have at home. Banking is now available at our fingertips and 24/7. The whole Google platform has become the core of my digital world while Netflix and YouTube are our streaming platforms on our TVs. Facebook is currently my only social media platform, and I simply use it as a photo album and to stay in touch with family and friends.

     The “institutional lower half” include all those programs that I use on a daily basis to perform at work, some are used more than others on a daily basis. Each one of these programs, networks, systems etc. has provided me with a set of skills that has grown over time and continues to grow rapidly. Some programs required specific on-the-job training such as PBS or the General Motors web platform; others I learned thru Education or previous work experience, and some others I simply learned “on the fly”. I decided to enclose all four quadrants in an inner circle that represents the “essentials” of my digital life today and as I venture to explore and participate in more circles there will be more personal and institutional knowledge acquired. My sons’ sports groups now have Apps to register, chat, do Covid-19 pre-screenings and to interact with other parents. Academically speaking, I now find myself using Moodle and WordPress on a daily basis, and by the looks of it, will continue to be that way for another 2 years along with this amazing MALAT team.


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  1. Hi Luis, I absolutely love your typology map, very creative and professionally done! We used the same one and thanks god for TeamSnap! What sports you kids play?
    You mentioned “accelerated technological progress we introduce ourselves to others with the technology we use and sometimes we do it without us noticing.” It is so true, especially when it becomes second nature like Google Home or Spotify. How do you personally keep up with new technologies?

    1. Hi Stephanie, and thank you very much for your kind words. Yes, Team Snap is great, isn’t it. I started using it 2 years ago when my oldest son started playing Hockey. My younger son is turning 5 this year so he is already able to participate in more sports. In the winter they are playing Hockey and we as a family go skiing since we live quite close to the hill, during the Spring-Summer they are playing Lacrosse (Sports Engine App) and Soccer (RAMP Team) and as soon as pools re-open we will probably take them swimming again. I love sports and I try to expose my children in as many as possible. I read in your RRU profile that you are a Hockey coach, that’s awesome! I love ice skating, I can go fast but I am not very good at stopping, my sons will become my coaches pretty soon.
      As for personally keeping up with new technologies, that is a simple still complex question to answer. I can simply say that I am lucky enough to currently work managing the technology needs for 5 business of an Automotive group in BC, that is over 100 people with different levels of knowledge, different use of programs and different personal preferences when it comes down to use of technology, in addition to that I work with external vendors and service suppliers helping them implementing their services with our systems (phones, alarms, reviews programs, third party vehicle platforms, Google, messaging systes, DMS, etc). Also, during Winter I teach Custom Computer classes at the local College and I get students with different knowledge levels and different needs as well. I guess my answer to you is that I learn from my students and from all the people that I work with, and I love it! I am a true believer that there is always something new to learn from everything we do and from everyone we interact with, and I try to apply it in my and my family’s lifestyle.
      I look forward to connecting with you and getting to know you better for the next couple of years Stephanie, have a great day!

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