Visual Network Map and Reflection

Kumu was an easy-to-use tool that I used to create my Virtual Map. Placing myself as the main nod and see how far the ramifications of my networks can get was quite interesting. I went back to David White’s Visitor-Resident Map video to use as a reference and to help me build this map too. I identified three main networks: Personal, Work and Academic. I found myself again to be a Visitor in most of the networks I use and I realized that I contribute very little or nothing at all in most of them. One of the goals of my Digital Presence Plan is to widen my Digital presence and have a more active participation in the current networks I use and the new ones I will join. By becoming a graduate student of this program my networks have already grown and I have already made new connections.  I can’t wait to see how much “bigger and messier” my networks will become as we move forward in this program.


White, D. (2013, Sep 13). Just the Mapping [Video]. Youtube.

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