What makes a good research question?

As we move forward in this course, we have been tasked to answer a question that while simple in nature it is complex in essence. What makes a good research question? …Through the readings provided in this course I have come to conclude that a good research question is:

Clear and focused. The research question should have an appropriate scope that is neither too broad nor too narrow to investigate.  

Researchable. Whether the researcher chooses a Qualitative, Quantitative or a Mixed Method approach, a good research question should allow the researcher to have access to a fair amount of good quality research materials.

Arguable. It shouldn’t be answered with a Yes or No, and it should allow the opportunity to discuss the findings of different sources in an argumentative way in order to provide an answer.

Formulating a good research question is a key element and a fundamental first step of the complex Research Process.


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