Unit 5 | Digital Presence reflection and Activity 1

As we approach the conclusion of LRNT 521 as the first course of the MALAT program it is time to reflect on the learning outcomes and the effectiveness of my original Digital Presence Plan.

I originally recognized that I do not participate enough in Social Media environments and committed to increase and improve my Digital Presence for which I created a LinkedIn account, I have added a few personal contacts and some of my MALAT colleagues; while I don’t see myself being an active contributor I see the benefit of being part of such platform. Some personal friends from overseas have mentioned that many headhunters have contacted them via LinkedIn and they have closed good contracts or have found better job opportunities, I find them both positive and encouraging . I also acknowledged my lack of interest to cultivate a personal and/or professional online identity (Schryver, 2013).

I still have a hard time thinking of a personal online presence as an addition to my lifestyle, however, for professional purposes I think that after taking this course I understand better the potential benefits and impacts of creating and preserving a professional digital identity, being part of it is just the beginning of endless opportunities.

Lastly, I also committed to keep an open mind that sees beyond the technical side of things when it comes down to technology  and I definitely learned a lot, the course has provided plenty of resources with great information relevant to current events and learning environments that I feel I have now a much better understanding of them. In addition to my original plan, I have had the opportunity to work with great peers, people who are leaders on their fields of work, amazing professionals that for the last nine weeks have also contributed to my learning experience. I am excited to move forward and can’t wait to see what else the MALAT program has to offer!


Schryver, K. (2013). Who are you online? Considering issues of web identity. The New York Times blogs. https://bit.ly/3e3rFNQ

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  1. Hi Luis,

    I enjoyed watching your video, and the natural, conversational flow.
    Do you feel you will leverage LinkedIn moving forward?


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