Three years ago, I decided that it was time for me to ‘go out on my own’ as a facilitator. I was scared of all the ‘what ifs’ that could happen to me so I continued to work full time while putting all the wheels in motion for my future career.

The First Step

I decided that I needed to start my own company but I wanted my company to reflect what I believed to be true. As a facilitator, I wanted to make an impact on my learners.  So, I incorporated ‘IMPACT NOW Inc.’ Impact is an acronym for, ‘Inspire and Motivate People into Action through Collaboration and Teamwork’. I love this acronym as it clearly defines what I believe.

The Second Step

I enrolled in the MALAT program. Little did I know, this program would change my life, change who I am, my values and my beliefs. But I knew, deep inside, that I had to complete this program. My end game was to ‘go out on my own’ and I knew, I just knew, that the MALAT program was the answer.

The Third Step

As I finished one course, and began the next, my knowledge of education technology grew and I become more comfortable in my own skin and with my new knowledge. COVID became a new reality and our lives changed… forever.  Our thinking changed, and everyone began to work remotely. I experienced first-hand the challenges of working remotely and I began to think how I could leverage this experience toward my end game.

The Fourth Step

Finally, in our last course, the answer became evident.  A Community of Inquiry (COI). I can remember the summer afternoon, reading about COI and all of a sudden it was as though a light went on inside me.  That’s it!!! A COI is the answer to leading virtually. From that moment, I knew my end game and I knew why my research was important.

The research I conduct will be the basis for a virtual leadership program specific to municipalities although it could be transferable to other organizations. The program could be online, blended or face to face. In addition, I want to share my research at different municipal focused conferences. I have not considered disseminating my research in journals but what I know clearly and succinctly is that I want this research to create an IMPACT NOW.

I want to ‘inspire and motivate people into action through collaboration and teamwork’.