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month September 2021

The Great Media Debate – AR in Autism and AI in Career Development

https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/30/linkedin-adds-creator-mode-video-profiles-and-in-partnership-with-microsoft-new-career-training-tools/ LinkedIn, recently purchased by Microsoft, has launched Career Coach with a branded message under Higher Education Reimagined. The company claimed that its AI-based career app with embedded Microsoft technology features and links to Linkedin learning content will guide millions… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 – People in the Field – Dr. Mary Kalantzis

Dr. Mary Kalantzis is a published co-author, professor, former Dean, co-founder, Board Member and MOOC instructor in the fields of learning and technology, education, cultural diversity and workplace culture.  I was first introduced to Dr. Kalantzis’ work when I attended… Continue Reading →

Bypassing LMS

Weller’s (2020) references to contractual obligations with vendors, file access limitation and a “good enough” (p. 64) Learning Management System (LMS) are some of the implications I captured from the author’s LMS chapter that still have relevance, not just for… Continue Reading →

The Web

Martin Weller provides a fundamental and fascinating overview of the past 25 years of educational technology.  His chapter on the Web is the one I related to the most because of the amazement I personally experienced when I conducted my… Continue Reading →

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