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The promise of green education

Online education may look like a planet friendlier solution to reduce carbon emission resulting from less travels of students and educators as well as lower power usages from large school properties (Selwyn, 2021).  Lower environmental impact studies such as Lane… Continue Reading →

The Great Media Debate – AR in Autism and AI in Career Development

https://techcrunch.com/2021/03/30/linkedin-adds-creator-mode-video-profiles-and-in-partnership-with-microsoft-new-career-training-tools/ LinkedIn, recently purchased by Microsoft, has launched Career Coach with a branded message under Higher Education Reimagined. The company claimed that its AI-based career app with embedded Microsoft technology features and links to Linkedin learning content will guide millions… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 – People in the Field – Dr. Mary Kalantzis

Dr. Mary Kalantzis is a published co-author, professor, former Dean, co-founder, Board Member and MOOC instructor in the fields of learning and technology, education, cultural diversity and workplace culture.  I was first introduced to Dr. Kalantzis’ work when I attended… Continue Reading →

Bypassing LMS

Weller’s (2020) references to contractual obligations with vendors, file access limitation and a “good enough” (p. 64) Learning Management System (LMS) are some of the implications I captured from the author’s LMS chapter that still have relevance, not just for… Continue Reading →

The Web

Martin Weller provides a fundamental and fascinating overview of the past 25 years of educational technology.  His chapter on the Web is the one I related to the most because of the amazement I personally experienced when I conducted my… Continue Reading →

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