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Unit 4: Activity 1 – Global Educators and the Dilemma of Digital Learning

For Unit 4: Activity 1, our team (Katia Maxwell, Ashley Breton, and I) discussed the various impacts of digital learning on global educators. After doing some research and discussing the topic, we created a visual presentation of our findings along with… Continue Reading →

My LinkedIn Network Map & Reflection

For the visual network mapping activity, I decided to focus on my LinkedIn network.  I used Excel and Kumu to create my network map.   Although, I have over 1300 individuals in LinkedIn, I decided to only use a sample for… Continue Reading →

Mind-blowing DIDP

I used Mindmeister to start my plan and followed the energy, the drive you experience when you begin something exciting.   My plan is not just the assignment, but an introduction to a potential third career and perhaps the start of… Continue Reading →

Pondering the alternative tension pair

I decided to reflect on the alternative tension pair by Dave Cormier with the following assertion in mind:  “look at ourselves from the perspective of ALL of our practice … and see what its digital qualities might be” (Cormier, 2018). From… Continue Reading →

This visitor-resident map represents my use of technology as of day-to-day tools as well as my preferred virtual social gathering place and contributions, both professionally and personally.   I recently organized my mobile accordingly as a result of this exercise… Continue Reading →

Virtual Symposium Reflection: Demystifying Open Education and Learning Communities

The focus of this blog originated from the various interpretations of open education and its learning communities.  My initial views on open education were based on an illusion of knowledge derived from my experience of online learning with MOOC and… Continue Reading →

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