This visitor-resident map represents my use of technology as of day-to-day tools as well as my preferred virtual social gathering place and contributions, both professionally and personally.   I recently organized my mobile accordingly as a result of this exercise – see picture.

My personal technology tools are those I use for fitness, entertainment, reading and personal banking.  I recently added MuseScore as an interactive music sheets for piano and ukulele.  I used YouTube and search engines both for work and personal functions.  My preferred communication when socializing are Whatsapp (friends) and FB Messenger (family). I keep in touch with my family mostly via Facebook and rely on TeamSnap for team sports.  Google Home is central to our home with some Smart Home functionalities such as lights, music, garage doors, pictures, weather, news, etc.

Google docs has its dual institutional and personal applications, but it is mostly used for kids’ online school.  This is the technology that has the most evolved in my opinion along with MS Team.  I primarily used MS Team for work along with its associated applications.  Linkedin and Twitter are business-related platforms used to network and post relevant news and articles using our schedule in Hootsuite. 

I recently added Slacks and Feedly on my mobile and desktop for constant communications and as many of you do, I am currently learning WordPress.