Interweaved through our team project, TikTok as an educational tool, is the exploration of my individual critical issue of collaborative learning. The question I am exploring is: can emerging technologies promote online collaboration for learning in the context of the Future of Work. With many organizations moving towards permanent virtual or hybrid work environments as their Future of Work (FoW) (Moore, 2016), organizations will be seeking expertise in online collaboration practices such as the use of mobile technologies and social media applications to support and develop their workforce. Social media applications like TikTok are attracting young users who are already proficient with emerging technologies and who, in the next few years, will represent a majority of the FoW workforce. Consequently, organizations will have to adjust to the ways younger generations are engaging with mobile technologies, social media, and multimedia technologies for the purpose of online collaboration for learning.  In my critical inquiry quest, I am examining the future implications and design approaches of online collaborative learnings.  As I continue my journey in the MALAT program, my objective is to become a collaboration specialist for organizations transitioning into the FoW, and thus, this topic is a fascinating one to explore.  

I would welcome your thoughts and perspectives on what do you believe contribute to online collaboration for learning.